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Holistic acne solutions start with first understanding the reason behind the occurrence of acne. There is a large number of acne creams and pills on the market, but these procedures only deal with superficial acne. They do not work to eradicate the reason behind acne and do not treat the root cause. So, once you stop using these pills or creams, acne tend to crop up again.

For holistic solutions, one must approach the disease from a multi-dimensional perspective, rather than tackling only a single factor that leads to acne formation. The main idea of holistic acne solutions is using the powers of both body and mind to help skin heal itself from the inside out.

Acne occurs when your body contains more toxins than your kidneys and bowels can remove. Acne is considered a sign that your bowels and kidneys are overloaded with toxins, waste products, or hormones. Thus, the holistic approach believes that avoiding foods with large amounts of oil in them should be avoided, as the first step in this type of treatment.

Holistic treatments like acupuncture can be very effective in the treatment of acne. Besides traditional Chinese acupuncture, a technique called cupping is frequently used in the treatment of acne. Cupping is the process of using cup-shaped instruments to apply suction to the area being needled.

Holistic acne solutions start with taking care of skin, keeping it clean with the help of astringent lotions, oil-removing pads, and medicated soaps to prevent new breakouts, and treating existing cysts with products containing tea tree oil or salicylic acid.

It is important to gently clean your skin twice a day with a mild cleanser that doesn't contain many chemicals or perfumes. However, it is important to remember that your skin does need a minimum amount of oil in your skin to maintain its natural condition. Over-cleaning the skin will not help the problem, and can ultimately make it worse for you.

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