How To Prevent Acne

Nina Romanov

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Then the dreaded acne struck. I would rather die than face family and friends with those ugly blotches all over my face. This is the effect that acne has, it destroys self image and confidence.

I became withdrawn and depressed. I thought that the acne would never improve. I think I tried every acne treatment on the drugstore shelves during that time. Finally I got fed up and decided that none of the available acne medications worked.

It took some time for me to get it together and to realize that medication does have a place in the treatment and prevention of acne.

The first thing I did was to reduce the amount of refined food in my diet. Not only did it help my skin problems but it also helped to stabilize to my weight.

What does this have to do with acne relief? Well when I cut out artificial chemicals, antibiotic and preservatives my acne began to clear. Especially if you have yeast infections you will find a great improvement in your acne.

Develop a gentle and healthy skin care process. I never use a cloth on my face. All of this has reduced the need for acne medications because the breakouts are not as bad and are easier to clear up without the use of acne medications.

So if you want to prevent acne, you need to eat a healthy diet, eliminate or at least reduce the intake of highly processed foods that contain a lot of chemical additive and establish a gentle daily cleaning routine and use less acne treatment medication as a method of how to prevent acne.

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Nina is an expert freelance writer. She is a cake decorator and a certified naturopath. Presently she is happily RV-ing with her husband.


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How To Prevent Acne
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