Use Of Colloidal Silver For Treating Body Acne


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Acne is a skin condition characterized by appearance of cysts, papules, nodules, pustules etc. Based on the common sites of occurrence and nature acne is classified in various categories. Body acne is one of such categories. Unlike common acne (that appears only on face), in this form of acne number of body parts like back, shoulders and buttocks are affected by acne.

There are number of factors responsible for development of body acne. Following are some of the most common and widely accepted factors attributable for occurrence of body acne condition.

Hormonal imbalances


Wearing tight fitting clothes

Hormonal imbalances are a common cause behind development of almost all types of acne. Stress also contributes toward hormonal imbalances and hindrance to the body fluids which can result in excessive formation of toxics. Tight fitting clothes (such as Lycra) restrict the evaporation of sweat and leads in to clogging of hair follicles due to interaction of sweat with body oils. Further, clogging of pores is the main cause behind occurrence of acne. Micro-organisms like bacteria also have some part in development of body acne.

You can treat body acne using medications or remedies used for treating other types of acne. There are number of medications, home made remedies and some alternate therapies available for treatment of body acne. Use of natural colloidal silver supplement is one of such remedies.

Colloidal silver products are manufactured through non-chemical electro-charging method, from natural silver, and hence do not have side effects. Colloidal silver products are available in solution as well as topical forms in the market. Colloidal silver is absorbed directly by the cells, without going through digestion process, and circulated to various body parts through blood stream. It is a fact that there is no cure for acne. However, colloidal silver products can help you in treating body acne by improving hormonal levels and killing micro-organisms like bacteria that are responsible for acne. The main advantage is that silver particles in colloidal silver supplements affect only harmful organisms without incurring any side effects. Use of colloidal silver is safe and effective way for treating body acne.

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Treatment of Hormonal Acne with Colloidal Silver
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