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Acne is a skin disorder that most commonly affects teenagers. Though it is not just restricted to that age group and can affect adults in their 20s until their 40s. While not a life threatening condition acne can be upsetting and disfiguring. The market is littered with products which claim to help acne. Are they worth the cost or can you get just as good results by cleaning your skin, taking vitamins or changing your diet.

While some acne medicines like the accutane provide long term relief for some acne suffers, still arguments persist that there is no cure for acne. Experts have claimed that the “acne cures” work by killing the bacteria that infects the pores. Though there are some instances of acne becoming resistant to these forms of “acne cure” making them useless.

So before you spend your money on these products you should try cheaper methods like cleaning your skin. You should make sure that you keep yourself clean but don’t over wash your skin. As doing so can have the effect of making your acne worse as your body is producing more oil to stop your skin from drying out.

While over washing your skin has the potential to make your acne worse instead of helping your acne. There’s no such problem with taking vitamins and minerals. As vitamin A, vitamin B along with zinc is naturally used by your body to have clear skin.

Along with taking vitamins you can also look at improving your diet. While helping your acne improving your diet will have the added benefit of making you healthy. There is nothing special to do just the standard advice. Which is eat fresh fruit and vegetables, drink lots of water and cut down on your alcohol consumption.

Before spending money on expensive acne products which might not work you should consider some of the low cost alternative like improving your diet. The above advice should not be considered as medical advice; this information has been researched and is considered accurate.

More acne help such as which vitamins to take is available from my website. Along with details of a 5 day course on clearing your skin.


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