Methods Of Getting Rid Of Acne


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Acne is not a teen-only problem as adults are prone to acne attacks as well, though usually not as frequently. There are numerous ways getting rid of acne while helping to prevent potential scarring from them.

Do not pick at the pimples, or otherwise attempt to poke them with a pin, squeeze them or manipulate them in any way. By squeezing them you not only risk spreading the bacteria to other parts of your face, but you also increase risk of scarring. Whatever treatment you decide to use for getting rid of acne, use on all acne prone areas, including your face, chest and back instead of just using on the area currently affected. This can help prevent others from forming later.

Acne is when bacteria, along with dead skin and oil clog your pores and forms a blemish. Benzoyl peroxide, has an over-the-counter strength will open the clogged pore as well as help get rid of the bacteria. While some of the over-the-counter products containing sulfur or resorcinol are very effective at unplugging oil glands by irritating the skin, most dermatologists recommend the use of benzoyl peroxide for getting rid of acne.

Use care In What Goes On Your Face

Wash your face at least twice a day, with a mild soap, rubbing gently with your fingertips. Using soap with benzoyl peroxide will help in getting rid of acne as well as helping to prevent its forming. Being overly harsh in your scrubbing while getting rid of acne may cause excessive drying of your skin, causing irritation. Do not use rough sponges or cleansers containing an aggregate as they can harm sensitive facial skin. You also should not use oily products and if you are prone to acne, it is recommended to use water-based make-up.

While a facial may feel good and look good in the beginning, it could cause more harm than good in getting rid of acne, according to dermatologists, as it could clog your pores. Also, do not rest your chin or cheeks on your hands. Everyone knows how dirty your hands can get. Food should not be a concern, unless you notice that a particular food or type of food causes more frequent or severe acne outbreaks.

To help prevent skin cancer, using sunscreen is always recommended, but you should use one that is oil free. Additionally, steer clear of vitamins and iodized salt, as many dermatologists believe that iodine can spark acne outbreaks.

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How to Get Rid of Acne on Oily Skin - Step-by-Step Process to Get Rid of Acne
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