How To Get Rid Of Blackheads By Knowing The Cause


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Many people are asking how to get rid of blackheads?

Blackheads are what can lead to acne and is a very common, chronic skin condition, yet its exact cause is still unknown. According to some studies, certain hormones known as androgens trigger the formation of acne as they enlarge the sebaceous glands in the skin.

They then cause these oil-producing glands to increase sebum or oil production, which then leads to the formation of plugs known as blackheads and served as more food for the acne causing bacteria that forms causing pimples that are known as whiteheads.

Another cause of acne to remember when asking how to get rid of blackheads is the bacteria that normally thrive on the skin. These bacteria are known as to cause acne, and they are responsible for causing the condition to develop in the first place. According to many studies, acne developed as these bacteria emit substances that trigger redness and inflammation.

Estrogens, the female hormones, can also play a major role in the development of acne particularly in girls. Some people also believe that acne is caused by some genetic factors. With the genetic factors, many have said that there’s no way for you to stop acne from coming and asking how to get rid of blackheads can be futile for some people.

Stress and diet, in particular, don’t actually cause it to form, but many have believed that these two will potentially aggravate pimples and some other skin condition you have leading to more blackheads which then develop into whiteheads known as zits.

Helpful Tips When Asking How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Some products are claiming that they can help to get rid of blackheads. This is not always the case and depends upon your skin type and condition. However, the news is not at all bad since a number of acne remedies, known be many as acne cures, are now available on the market today to help get rid of blackheads. These acne cures largely vary according to the method of application, the severity of the acne condition, and to the type of the acne patient’s skin.

Here are a few tips for removing blackheads.

Try to remember to keep your skin as clean and oil free as possible. Use natural or chemically prepared cleansers, astringent solutions or masks to accomplish this if at all possible. Do not use harsh soaps that can irritate your skin or any type of creams that leave an oily finish on your skin.

Remember to use a gentle exfoliant to help keep the dead cells off your skin and away from the pore openings which lead to blackheads in the first place.

Avoid harsh squeezing and picking of your blackheads. Excessive squeezing can damage the skin that surrounds the pores and can actually increase the size of the pore leading to more blackheads in the future which leads to ugly whiteheads.

One of the typically used acne remedies for blackheads are those over the counter products such as cleansers, moisturizers, astringents, and pimple creams. These acne cures are actually non-prescription products that are to some degree proven capable for unplugging the whiteheads and blackheads. Some of these acne cures encourage the skin to peel off, giving way to the new skin to develop.

Another popular type of product when asking how to get rid of blackheads, is called topical antibiotics. They are known as “prescription only” acne cures. These forms of acne cures generally help fight acne by means of knocking out the acne-causing bacteria that infect the pores which causes the blackheads and whiteheads. However, there are some instances that acne may become resistant to these forms of acne cures, making them useless in the end. Among the many side effects of these types of acne cures are nausea and dizziness. It's important to get the facts and research before trying any type of product or cure.

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