Treatment Acne – How Long Should A Pimple Last?

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Some people note that their pimple last for months before going away. Comedones can last for months before finally going away. Comedones can last for weeks or months or longer if not treated. Inflammatory lesions usually clear within days to weeks.

However, marks (red and eventually brown) can be left behind that remain for months longer. Also, because acne recur in the same spot, sometime just as the lesion is beginning to clear and it can be flare again, which makes it seem like it is lasting for months.

Cysts tend to be recurrent in the same spot, and you may notice that they increase and decrease in the size over time, seemingly on their own. The temptation, as usual, is to pick at these lesions to get rid of them, but this only aggravates them and usually makes them last longer. It is also increase the risk of scarring.

One of the worst things that you can do to a pimple of any type is to pick or squeeze it. The trauma and irritation cause from picking or squeezing may give you an immediate feeling of satisfaction that you have cleared the contents and made the skin smoother. However, in the short run, it makes the area redder and more prone to having a brown mark or depressed scar left behind, and worse of all, it doesn’t stop pimple form coming back in the same place next time.

The main goal for an acne sufferer is to try to prevent the pimple from forming in the first place. Once it does come up, the first trick for getting an acne lesion to clear more quickly and to be less likely to resolve without scarring is to avoid picking at it.

Second, treat it early with an appropriate anti-inflammatory medication. Finally, minimize putting anything on it or doing anything to it that will excessively irritate the pimples.

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