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There are alot of acne medications on the market today. Unfortunately, they don't all work. But some work quit well. So how do you find the best acne medication. . You have to do your homework. Some prescription acne medication work for some people and do nothing for others. The same can be said about over the counter medication.

This article will give you some guidelines so that you can choose the acne treatment that is right for you.

1. Define your skin type. People with dry skin should use a cream product as is moisturizes. People with oily skin should use gel products. However, it is very common to have combination skin meaning both oily and dry spots. In this case you should use the right product on the right spots depending on where your acne acts up. If you have pimples in a dry spot use a cream, if you get zits in an oily area use gels in those areas.

2. People with sensitive skin need to use milder products. Using a product that is too strong can dry up the skin causing the glands to produce more oil resulting in more acne. 100% natural products tend to be less irritating to sensitive skin.

3. Some face washes are used as a preventive measure. However, face washes containing benzyl peroxide are too strong to use before your pimples appear. Benzyl peroxide causes skin irritation and redness if used everyday. Use a more skin friendly salicylic acid (2%) based cleanser.

4. Herbal supplements supports your skin by rebuilding cells which means less inflammation and scaring. Herbal supplements work from the inside to help fight the acne bacteria and prevent it from spreading. Dandelion root, aloe vera, yellow dock and echinacea purpurea are all effective in controlling acne.

5. Use oil free facial protection cream. These will protect your skin from drying. Keeping the skin cells healthy and preventing the oil glands from becoming overactive. It will also help destroy the acne bacteria. Use a salicylic acid (2%) cream.

Regardless of your skin type, you need to find a system that will treat your acne on all levels.

What is the best acne system we found. View it here - Solutions for Acne

For mild acne view our free acne home remedies .


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