Believing Myths Can Make Acne Problems Worse


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When it comes to medical conditions that have a whirlwind of myths surrounding them, the only thing that might just top the common cold is acne. The facts and the fiction tend to swirl together, making it very difficult for a person who is dealing with acne problems to determine the best route to take to tackle this very visible, very embarrassing condition.

The problem with myths in the case of acne problems is the simple fact that what you believe can actually hurt you. Not only can some of these myths actually make acne worse if they are acted on, but they can make a sufferer just down right miserable as they work hard to avoid things they love.

To clear up the mess, let's take a look at some of the top myths surrounding acne problems. Debunking these myths won’t make acne problems disappear, but can help those who suffer avoid things they really should and enable them to enjoy those things that simply don’t create the problem.

To start off, the biggest thing a person with acne problems needs to accept is the fact there isn’t a 100-percent known cause for the condition. Nor is there a 100-percent known cure. What works for some, might not work for others.

Now, let’s look at the other myths that make the road to curing acne so murky:

  • Greasy foods cause acne. There’s no known link here to suggest this one is true. However, for overall health, it’s not a good idea to indulge in high fat, greasy foods on a regular basis. If a diet is rich in these foods, it could create other health issues that might be prompting the acne problems. The trick here is to say yes to the occasional order of French fries, but say no to eating dripping, greasy foods all the time.

  • Washing. A lot of people believe their acne problems are caused by a lack of cleanliness. Inasmuch, they begin an incessant routine of scrubbing to make those pimples go away. Don’t! The truth is washing should only be done about two times a day, unless something crops up that deems a third or fourth cleansing. Washing, too, should only be done using mild cleansers and scrubbing shouldn’t go along with it. When acne prone skin is scrubbed, the outcome can be bad. First off, it irritates the skin, which can lead to more breakouts. Secondly, scrubbing can actually pop existing pimples and lead to permanent scars.

  • Chocolates. Just like grease, chocolates don’t cause acne problems. Do avoid over eating sweets for overall better health, but saying no all the time in fear of a breakout isn’t necessary.

  • Natural light. This is not the cure for acne problems. While many think so because of the sun’s ability to make acne look better at first, the fact is the drying and burning can irritate the skin and lead to more breakouts that might be even worse than the original one.

    There’s nothing fun about facing acne problems at any time. The myths that surround this condition can actually make it worse. The best way to proceed in dealing with acne problems is to get the facts. For more great information on acne problems, visit

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