Acne and Retin A - Does Retin A Cure Acne and Acne Scars?


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Ever heard a neighbour or a friend tout the supposedly miraculous effects of Retin A on blemishes and acne scars ? If you have been wondering whether Retin A really works, but do not know whether it's really safe or whether you should be taking it then you possibly are not alone. When it comes to Retin A, many are confused about what to do. On one hand, they want to get rid of acne and acne marks. On the other, they are unsure whether Retin A would be the answer.

Humans, some say, are not perfect. Acne may be one of the flaws humans have had to put up with maybe ever since they learned to walk upright. And unlike many other flaws that are possible to conceal, acne appears mostly on the face and it's definitely not easy to conceal. And acne and a vibrant social life do not seem to mix well, as anybody with acne may be able to tell you . . .

That said, here is something you may want to read about Retin A:

Retin A, a topical medication widely used for treating several types of acne has proven to be fairly effective in treating as well as acne scars. What's more - some people claim that Retin A works well on wrinkles too !

But Retin A is no wonder drug and prolonged usage may result in several side effects. Which is why you may want to consult your dermatologist before you try Retin A.

Here are a few tips and a procedure to use Retin A:

You may want to apply Retin A at night just before you go to sleep. Before you apply Retin A, wash your face, and wait for about 20 minutes. Then apply a very thin layer over the affected area. Keep the medication away from your lips and eyes.

In the morning, wash your face using a mild facial scrub and use a water based moisturizer. This is because Retin A tends to cause dryness in the skin.

You may also want to use a sunscreen and avoid exposing your skin to the sun.

The very first time you start Retin A, you might want to try using it every other night or so and then increase the frequency of use after consulting your dermatologist.

Use Retin A only under the supervision and guidance of a dermatologist.

If you are pregnant or plan to have a child shortly, you may want to avoid using Retin A. Even men planning to have child shortly may do well to avoid Retin A.

Do you know what causes acne ? Here are some great acne tips and home remedies for acne .


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