Acne Treatment: Steps to Take At Home


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Arguably the best way to get rid of acne is to treat it with simple home remedies. Acne treatment medications that are sold over the counter can suppress the breakout for some time. But sooner or later, the repulsive pustules resurface, and the whole cycle continues. This is because most nonprescription medicines those are locally available or over the counter mainly aim at relieving the symptoms of acne without actually treat the cause.

A few time-tested measures that go a long way towards curing importunate acne are presented here.

Diet plays a vital role in skin conditions like acne. Consider spending a week consuming only fresh fruits and nothing else. Try eating only non-citrus fruits like pineapples, apples, olive, papaya, grapefruit and the like. This will flush out all the toxins from your body and be healthful for your system, apart from treating your acne.

Do remember to take at least 5 servings of vegetables every day. Especially beneficial are green leafy vegetables, like celery, broccoli, green pepper, spinach. Watercress is a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins that are nourishing for your skin and body. Regular consumption of vegetables cleanses your entire system and keeps your body healthy.

At the time of a bout of acne, reduce the intake of dairy products like butter, margarine, cream and cheese because they contain fat. Skimmed or toned milk products have lower fat content and can be consumed.

Strictly avoid carbonated drinks and fried, oily junk foods. These worsen skin conditions like acne. Even home-cooked meals are better if boiled or steamed, and not fried. At all costs avoid deep frying and stick to stir-frying instead.

The application of ice on the affected areas is a lenitive measure that helps reduce the inflammation and rubor, giving the acne a less aggressive appearance and soothing the pain as well.

The best method of curing acne from the roots is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to exercise regularly. Exercise improves your overall health apart from reducing attacks of acne. However, always make sure that while you work out you wear clothing manufactured from light linen or cotton and other natural fibers. These will let your skin breathe. Synthetic materials like lycra or nylon traps your sweat and triggers bacterial activity that aggravates acne problems. While you dry your skin with a towel during exercise, dab the towel on your skin to remove the sweat instead of rubbing. This is because rubbing will grind dead skin debris and dirt into the pores that open up due to the body heat produced during exercise. Do take a shower after every workout, to prevent your pores from clogging.

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