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(1) My best bit of advice is to grow a beard. I found shaving really aggravated my acne. When i began to shave around once a week, although people saw me as untidy i found my appearance began to improve. Then once my acne had gone i got back into my shaving regime of every 2 or 3 days.

(2) Don not put gel in your hair. I always found this led me to more blemishes

(3) Don not pick at your skin no matter what. This only has negative effects such as inflammation and scarring.

(4) Depending on your success with using cleansers. Well if they do not work to good. Try showering three times a day. I did morning, afternoon and night. Showers put less tension on your face than cleansers. And i am pretty sure my cleanser was aggravating my skin and showering 3 times a day greatly improved my complexion. Make the duration of the showers short.

(5) Do not go on special diets. Well that is what I found out. But eat moderately healthy, do not go eating fast food every day. I ate take away food twice a week and my complexion still improved. Acne is not as food related as people say.

(6) Sleep well. Until you feel refreshed and ready to take on the new day.

(7) Wash your hair as often as you did before having acne, I found not washing it and washing it every night did not effect my acne.

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