Does Eating Chocolate Really Give You Acne?


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The myth of consuming chocolate and acne outbreak are closely related. So doctors and researchers had found that the myth is a hoax, but are we all sure?

Chocolate always get the blame for causing acne so as pizza, potato chips and dairy products. No food has been prove to be the cause of acne but if the person maintains a healthy diet by consuming vegetables and fruits, acne is not a problem. Chocolate is also blamed for many health problems include acne, tooth decay, obesity and lack in nutrient. It is also known to have an anti-depressant effect and causes hypertension.

Chocolate is basically harmless unless it is over consumed and chocolate has not been found to aggravate outbreak from acnes. There is also research been done that proves that facts. Recent research has been done suggest that chocolate boost serotonin in the brain that produces calm effect and stability. Stress can be related to acne outbreaks and chocolate found to relax our body. Thus, chocolate can be used to calm our nerves and can help us to prevent acne outbreaks.

Those who love chocolate will be pleased to hear that chocolate is considered as one of the balance diet in our food pyramid. Chocolate carry the fact that it is one of the diet that adults need as one third of antioxidants are sourced from chocolate. There are also a number of cosmetic products that are made from chocolate of contains chocolate extract. There are also some company that puts chocolate in their skin creams as softener and chocolate contains also anti-oxidant which can help to prevent wrinkles. This can be very good for our skin as our skin oxidize and form wrinkles thus this can help us to prevent or slow the process down.

Theoretically, cocoa might actually prevent skin damage by free radicals to collagen, elastin and also other protein which is important to our skin. This theory is yet to be proved by scientist that this theory works. With or without proof, there are at least 90 chocolate products that are for cosmetics are in the market and growing rapidly. As prove, Chocolate show which is in New York turned into a spa which used chocolate as the main product. Consumer that tried chocolate based products claimed that it has a healing effect thus this myth can be denied.

Thus, eating chocolate is not bad for our health but it is better to be consumed moderately. It might be a good future for chocolate based cosmetic product and more researched has to be done. Who knows that one day chocolate might turn out to be an acne treatment product.

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