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One or more of this things causes acne in you, but have in mind that all those factors are interconnected:

- genetic factors (you can not do anything about)
- toxins in your blood (from junk food etc. -> it leads to -> liver function problems, poor digestion)
- hormonal imbalance (overproduction of hormones that liver cannot deal with )
- skin’s inability to metabolize the hormones ( problem is 5-alpha reductase enzyme, which converts testosterone into a more potent form, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which actually causes acne).
- simply lack of one or more vitamins or minerals (very rare)
- combination of all this factors (when problem cannot be traced)

What treatment is for you, depends on what is cause of your acne. This is my formula for finding cause of acne for every single person:

Detoxify Liver and take Probiotics -> Treat hormonal imbalance -> Take vitamins -> Reduce Stress -> Benzoyl peroxide -> Clyndamicin, Eritromicin(or oral antibiotics) -> Azelaic acid -> and finally if nothing of these works, your last solution: Roaccutane.

You can combine some of these solutions, for example stress reducing and liver detoxifying are always important for your body.

First thing you need is strong and healthy liver. It plays a major role in metabolism and has a number of functions in the body. If your liver is not in good condition, it will simply send hormones, toxins etc. to your skin. So remember, strong liver is a must, even if it's not main cause of your acne. It may be that main cause of your acne is liver. To find is it true, you can use world's renometed liver NATURAL supplements. Milk thistle (Silybum marianum - Silymarin) is an herb that is venerated for it's powerful ability to purify the liver. Other product is Himalaya's Liv-52 . Liv-52 was introduced in 1955 by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. Since then, it has been sold worldwide and is recognized by thousands of health professionals as one of the most effective liver formulas, with beneficial effects reported in over 300 studies on a variety of cases.

What can you do about hormonal imbalance and increased conversion of testosterone into DHT due to enzyme called 5-alpha reductase? Herb called Saw palmetto have been found to curb the conversion of testosterone into DHT. This can be especially helpful for stubborn acne cases where DHT is a factor.

In the fight against acne, Vitamins A, E, and Zinc all have great advantages for preventing its outbreak. Needless to say, getting proper amounts of these vitamins into your body everyday is crucial for maintaining clear, healthy skin and for helping to prevent acne from becoming a problem.

Few of us can claim to be unaffected by stress. Stress comes in many forms, among them psychological, physical and environmental.

The body secretes anti-inflammatory hormones in response to stress and trauma. If, however, you are operating under long-term stressful or traumatic conditions, these hormones can cause side effects, including the hormonal toxicity that can result in acne.

There are various ways you can reduce stress and become more relaxed:

* Exercise — especially Yoga and T'ai Chi. Moderate exercise will increase blood flow to the skin and aid healing, as well as improve the health of your internal organs enabling them to get rid of waste more effectively. * Relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises and meditation * Using InnerTalk CDs, such as Relaxation, Freedom from Stress and Exercise

You tried everything above, and you still have acne breakouts? Your problem is probably combination of more factors. Now, we go on topical solutions, if we can not find the cause, we will cure acne from the outside.

Benzoyl peroxide is the most used topical acne treatment, it's contained in popular Proactive and it's available in prescription and over-the-counter medications, in cream, gel, and wash form. It is an anti-bacterial agent. Benzoyl peroxide kills P. Acnes, the bacteria that causes acne on the surface of the skin. Also, there is a mild drying and peeling effect which is thought to help prevent breakouts. About 3% of people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide and experience an inflammation of the skin. Second solution is Azelaic acid, a natural material produced by a yeast that lives on normal skin, Malassezia furfur (also known as Pityrosporum ovale).

Roaccutane (Isotretinoin) is your last solution. It is used for severe acne that has not responded to any oral treatment and topical medicines. Isotretinoin decreases the size and activity of the sebaceous glands in the skin, which reduces the amount of sebum that is produced. This stops the glands becoming blocked, and means bacteria are less likely to thrive. It also reduces the inflammation in the skin. It is no doubt the most effect drug in tackling acne, with a success rate of over 80%.

In 60 – 80 percent of people, the treatment can lead to a permanent cure at a dose between 0,5 – 1 mg/kg body weight per day for 16 – 20 weeks. New evidence suggest that a cumulative dose of 120 mg /kg body weight during the course at a daily dose of at least 0.75 mg/kg body weight may be more important than the duration of the treatment.

Isotretinoin can have serious side effects and its use must be supervised by a dermatologist. It is reserved for the treatment of severe acne (such as nodular or conglobate acne or acne at risk of permanent scarring) that has not improved with standard treatment involving oral antibiotics and topical medicines.


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