Some Very Basic Facts About Acne You Must Know


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Acne affects people of all ages, all across the globe. However, there is a specific time in human life when acne breakout is considered natural - the adolescence. This is the growing-up age and due to hormonal changes in the body acne is caused.

The common perception that it is essentially a teenager’s problem and does not affect the grown ups is wrong. The fact is that it affects as much as 25% of males and around 50% of women of all ages. It means that as many men and women have faced acne problem some time in their lives after attaining adulthood.

Acne does not affect only one’s skin but many a time it affects one’s mind as well. It is, of course, not related to any mental disorder but it has been found to cause depression in some people. This is primarily because, some people attach excessive importance to looks and since acne affects one’s appearance, it makes some of us think low of ourselves.

Blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts are various forms of acne vulgaris. However, they are quite different from each other. Blackheads are caused when the pores in the skin get partially choked. Their black look is not the result of the dirt trapped inside but comes from the melanin secreted by the skin.

Whiteheads are caused by complete blockage of pores, and their white appearance is attributable to the bacteria inside, which causes the sebum to turn in to fatty acid. Papules are relatively small, tender, red spots or bumps while pustules are a little larger, inflamed spots that are filled with pus. They too appear red.

When large, hard bumps occur under the skin they are either nodules or cysts. The difference is that cysts can be infected and deeply inflamed causing lots of pain.

Acne roseaca is another kind of acne, which is similar to acne vulgaris but is still different in many respects. In acne roseaca one experiences skin flushing. This skin flushing may be triggered by a number of things, like alcohol or spicy food. A general redness around the affected area is also seen. However, those suffering from acne roseaca generally do not have blackheads.

If you are suffering from ace of any kind, it is advisable that you approach a specialist at the earliest because there is no point in suffering when the remedy is close at hand.

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