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What Is The Exact Cost For Acne Scar Treatment?


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Chronic acne can leave scarring; millions of individuals are trying to cure acne on daily basis; treatments are very different, from herbs lotions and creams, diets, to surgical procedures; costs for acne scar treatment are very different too. Because every patient is treated individually, it is difficult to know the cost for acne scar treatment before an examination. The patient must consult a dermatologist; it is possible to have multiple treatments per scar; sophisticated combination of treatments may be necessary. Usually, a laser acne scar treatment has a cost for anesthesia; there are also facility fees and surgeon fees.

The treatments’ results are hard to predict; many procedures don’t work, many treatments give spectacular results, clear and brilliant skin. Cost for acne scar treatment can be really affordable if the procedure is non surgical. The individuals must know also that not all patients react in the same manner at a treatment; the results can be very different for the same procedure, cream or lotion. There is no cure-all treatment for acne scar; there are only procedures to realize a better appearance of the skin. Deep acne scar are also called “ice picks” and require almost in every patient several procedures, and different types of treatments for visible results. Some individuals can believe that light acne scar can be easily removed, but the treatment can take more than one chemical peel and many weeks of treatment at home.

Scar removal or scar reduction can be done by non surgical or non surgical treatments; this is the reason why the costs are different, and the risks are also different. Laser acne scar treatment seems to be the most effective option; the costs are higher than the non surgical scar removal lotions or creams.

If the dermatologist decides to recommend a chemical peel, then anesthesia and facility fees will be combined. A part of the cost can be covered if the treatment is reported as medical necessity. Dermatologists know how to fill the insurance, because cosmetic procedures are not considered medical necessity by insurance. Some surgeons accept monthly payments for complicated procedures, making easier to pay the cost for acne scar treatment.

Here are the estimated costs for acne scar treatment, depending on the treatment type:

- Punch techniques (ice pick scars) costs $50 per punch

- Chemical peel (mild acne scarring) costs $750 per treatment (must be repeated)

- Dermabrasion shallow imperfections and the approximate cost is $1500 per treatment; some patients need more treatments.

- Laser resurfacing shallow imperfections and cost $3000 per treatment; if necessary, the treatment must be repeated

- Subcision (any kind of scar) - the cost depends on the number of repeated treatments and depends on the surgeon appreciation too.

- Augmentation (deep scars) – the cost is $300 - $700 per cc (cubic centimeter) for collagen (the area depends of the patient’s face topology). The price is established by the surgeon; the results are not long time lasting, so the procedure must be repeated.

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