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Getting It All Together To Reduce Acne Flareups

Bill Nadraszky

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There are many things that you can do to stop acne flareups but no one thing will help your skin and reduce the acne that you live with, instead you need to put all of the following factors together as they all work together to help your skin.

Water – Drink lots of water. Water will help to keep your body and skin hydrated and this is important in getting rid of acne. Almost as important though is that water will help your body move any toxins from your food, environment, and regular body breakdown. If you think about it, having nice clean water moving through you is going to make your body clean all by itself.

Stress reduction – I have always found that the background stresses of life will cause acne. Those stressful events that happen on occasion, unless handled correctly, will cause acne flareups very quickly. So what do you do? Try to find time everyday to just be quiet and get rid of your anxieties. Also find quiet times throughout the day where you can just dump all of those problems that are sitting in your head to paper and work through them so that they cease to be problems at all.

Exercise – I am a big believer that exercise is the best way to keep your body moving internally. As you exercise all of those toxins internally are going to be driven out. Make sure though that before and after any exercise you make sure that you clean your pores as this is also the time that you can get your pores open and clogged with oil and dirt. Exercise almost ever day and for these times make sure that you are not using any abrasive cleaners on your face.

Skin care – There are so many types of skin care that you will have trouble deciding what is most important. The only thing that I will suggest on this front is to make sure that you use a very clean soap on your skin morning – noon- and night. Glycerin soap is great because of the simplicity of it and the fact that it will not leave anything on your skin after you rinse.

Lots of fruits and veggies – Make sure that you are eating lots of water rich foods for your skin. Fruits like grapefruit and oranges are high in antioxidants which are a wonder for getting rid of free radicals that can affect your skin and health in general. Eat lots of leafy green and colored vegetables to keep lots of minerals in your diet. Minerals are very important as we all know and are often the missing link in people’s diet.

I hope that these tips help your acne flareup problems. Remember that as you go through the day that you keep these tips in mind so that you make good decisions about your skin.

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