Diet as a Totally Natural Treatment for Acne - Eat Like a Glutton and Get Rid of Acne


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If you have had acne for a fairly long period of time, then you possibly would have tried every acne medication you could possibly lay your hands on. What has been the result thus far ? Has acne vanished for good without leaving the slightest trace ? Well, if you are like most people, the reply to that question would most possibly be no. After trying the latest medication, acne seems to take a break for a while. It may look like it is starting to go away. The frequency of breakouts lessen, pimples seem to start fading away. But all this is only for a while. Stop the medication for a while and acne reappears. And we are talking only about the very effective acne medications out there. Many may not even have any effect on your acne.

Have you ever wondered why this happens ? Do you have to be on medication for life if you want to get rid of acne ? Do you have to endure acne for several years ? Is there really no cure for acne ?

The good news is . . .

There is a Very Effective Cure for Acne !

Yes . . . acne, like many other skin conditions, can be cured for good. But to do that, you will have to stop doing all the ineffective things to get rid of acne and start doing things that really can get rid of acne. And what would that be ?

To start with, you might want to change your diet totally and completely. You will have to start eating only fresh fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts and nuts, drink water, fruit juices and vegetable juices. And you will have to give up all dairy products, all meats, processed foods and junk foods.

And why would you want to do that ? Simply because the chances are that your diet really could have caused acne, especially if you consume lots of dairy and processed foods. These kind of foods put a very, very huge amount of stress on the liver and kidneys - two of the very important excretory organs in the body. When these are overloaded and cannot get rid of all the impurities and chemicals in the blood stream, then the skin may well have to take up the extra load - as the skin is the largest excretory organ in the body. When that happens, the skin becomes unhealthy and acne and other skin conditions may result.

The best way to get rid of acne may be to first stop what's causing it in the first place, and get the liver and kidneys working at their peak performance again. If you can do that, acne should go away all by itself.

You can eat fruits, vegetables, sprouts and nuts ( all preferably organic) in whatever quantities you want. You can eat them all day long if you so wish, You can eat them like a glutton eating his last meal. The more the merrier. Eating only raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts and nuts gives the excretory organs - liver and kidneys - the time to recuperate and get rid of all the accumulated impurities. Over time, they regain their health and start functioning at their peak again. Then, your skin should get a lot better too, and acne and other skin conditions may disappear for good.

In addition to that, you may also want to do a liver cleanse, a colon cleanse and a kidney cleanse a few times. These help the excretory organs regain their health and perform a lot better. You might want to consult a naturopath regarding this, or you might want to see .

A word of caution, though : In case you have diabetes and other medical conditions, you might want to consult your doctor before you drastically change your diet.

So here is the bottomline - eat only fresh fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts and nuts. You can eat them whenever you want, and in copious quantities too. Do a liver cleanse once in a while. Your skin may thank you profusely for doing this !

How to Get Rid of Acne for Good by Eating All Day Long Like a Pig, and Still Staying in the Pink of Health


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