Accutane - Take This Acne Medication At Your Own Risk


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Accutane is mainly used as the last resort when other types of treatment failed to yield result when treating serious acne conditions. Serious types acne usually refers to acne conditions that are difficult to treat. An example of which is the cystic acne. Cystic acne are not easily cured as the more frequently occurring acne and it requires special medical attention. Cystic acne can be recognized by the presence of nodule beneath the skin surface. The characteristic cyst are formed when the nodules beneath the skins harden. This will take over a period of time. Due to the seriousness of the condition, cystic acne requires medical attention and the problem is never easy on the patients both physically and emotionally.

Accutane is also known as Isotretinoin. Most people knows it only by its commercial name. This drug is very powerful and used widely in treating severe acne. The difference between accutane and other acne related product is that accutane actually alters the skin composition whilst other product is simply antibacterial agents. By reducing the formation of oil in the skin when using accutane, it will effectively reduce acne formation. With such a powerful drug, accutane is very effective in fighting acne. However, it does come with a warning label. Accutane is known to reduce and treat acne but the use of such a powerful drug comes with certain price: i. e. side effects.

The most severe acne are often prescribed with accutane as the final means of fighting the problem. When antibiotics or cream fails to solve acne problems, accutane is usually prescribed to treat the condition. The use of accutane will cause reduction of inflammation and the bacteria growth. This is due to the drug reducing the oil production under the skin.

Getting prescribed with accutane requires you to sign up with FDA programs due to the risk of side effects which are often associated with the use of the drug. The program was started in a bid to prevent pregnant women from having their unborn child affected by the use of the drug. There are other way to be prescribed with accutane namely by taking two pregnancy exams. If the test result is shown to be negative, the drug will be prescribed. The use of certain birth control pills are found to be incompatible with the use of accutane. Always confirm this with your doctor.

Accutane should only be used when all other type of treatments fails to work to clear up your problem. Severe acne will not only affect you physically but can cause discomfort in social situations as well. With the use of accutane, you exposed yourself to side effect that are well documented. As such always consult your doctor before taking the drug. Accutane is often associated with several type of side effects. Eventhough there some success stories with the use of accutane, do consult your doctor before deciding your course of action.

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