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Before we consider possible treatments lets look at what causes an acne scar. An area of tissue on your skin being injured causes scars. Acne is the inflammation caused by the increase amount of sebum and bacteria that leaves the scar. There are two types of acne scars. One is caused by increased tissue formation (keloids). This is an enlargement scar. There is an excessive amount of collagen produced in response to the tissue being injured.

They can last a lifetime but some may shrink in size after time. The second type is loss of tissue scars. These types of scars are more common and are grouped in different categories. Ice-pick scars: usually found on the cheek and have very jagged edges. These scars can be hard or soft.

The soft ones are treatable but the hard ones can’t be. Atrophic macules: These are small except on the body where they are larger. They may appear blue but that is just from the blood vessels. These will become much less obvious over time. Depressed fibrotic scars: These scars are usually quite large. They are jagged and deep.

The Ice-pick scars can eventually turn into these. Soft scars: they are small and soft to touch. They usually blend in with the skin surface. Follicular macular atrophy: They are white in color so often are mistaken for whiteheads. These usually occur more often on the back or chest. They last for sometimes just months but in some cases they may last years.

There are various treatments available but a lot of them will involve a cost. Creams often do not work for any deeper scarring but can be effective with slight marking or those will probably disappear over time. Acne scar skin care starts with how you take care of your acne.

There is no way to actually prevent scarring especially for severe acne but early care does help. Treatments available to diminish or totally remove scarring include laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, chemical peels, subcision, punch techniques and augmentation which is for much deeper scarring.

No two people will react the same to treatments and some conditions can involve more than one treatment. This is something you must discuss with your doctor. Scaring is a good reason to prevent people from popping pimples can you can make the situation worse. Best idea is to leave them alone.

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