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Billy Bobs cream and cleansing kit for curing acne may work for the friend that tells you it does. That does not mean it's going to work for you. Acne treatment systems are a dime a dozen. Each has different ingredients and has worked on people coming from different backgrounds. Now before you despair because it didn't work for you doesn't mean you’re a goner. It's likely that system works, works for some people. Just not you. And that's okay. Because there is an ocean of different methods for attacking your uninvited acne guests.

Sometimes though finding the wrong acne treatment methods lead us to understand what will work. For example, did you know that too much treatment of your acne can actually irritate it and make it worse? It can. I had a friend who was very self conscious of his acne. He would wash his face 6-8 times every day with these Neutrogena liquid soaps. His skin ended up becoming really dry and he had pimples spread over his face worse than it was before.

So here is the best advice I am going to give you right now. Develop a plan. That is actually the best treatment that works. Find what you have had success with. It could be that it is a simple facial soap bar or other home remedy. Do a little bit of research into other people who have used techniques and that have skin similar to yours. Remember to that there is no fountain of acne treatment. It's all about finding out what will take care of your skin and attacking it from that angle.

The internet is full of Acne Cleansing Techniques . One web site that will show you what will work for your skin and help you develop a plan of attack against your acne is


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Acne - Secret Get Rid Of Acne Tips? - No! An Acne Solution That Works!
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