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How to Say NO to those Nasty Zits


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Are you one of those 85% in the whole world who are affected with acne? Most probably, it was not just once that you felt insecure to face others with these zits invading your face. That is really awful! Acnes are not just caused with the external factors. But the internal factors, which are your oil glands are also to be blame for this misery.

Actually, to treat acne is to prevent them the first time the first zit ever develops. Do not ever let the second one sprout in your face because bacteria caused by these acnes can easily spread without you knowing it. Here are some tips on how to scream a big NO to these acnes:

1. Stop squeezing those acnes. You would not want to mess and worsen your skin condition, would you? Then stop spreading the bacteria of these acnes by popping them yourself.

2. Wear off any make up before going to bed. Make up can cause the blockage of your pores. And a block in your pores can cause acne. Sleep with a clean and fresh face.

3. Change towels, pillowcase and bed sheets regularly. Germs and bacteria can remain on these things and can worsen your acnes.

4. Water and more water. To flush those toxins away from your body, drink a lot of water.

5. Get that hair away from your face. Hair can contribute to the irritation of your acnes. You can push that hair with a ponytail to maintain a smooth face that is acne-free.

6. Devote sometime for exercise. Exercise can help in regulating the body through good blood circulation. Exercise can also wash out stress, which is another cause of acnes.

Remember that you do not have to miss a party anymore because acnes are all over your face. So once an acne appears at the first instance, say no to them and bring back the confidence to yourself by following these tips.


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How to Snap Out of That Nasty Slump!
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