Pimples Inside the Nose - What a Nuisance!


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Pimples, spots, zits, call them what you will. Chances are they’ve all reared their ugly ‘heads’ at some stage of your life or another!

Generally speaking, although unsightly and sometimes stressful, acne is not a life-threatening condition and is relatively easy to treat.

Blackheads and whiteheads are fundamentally the same except for their position in the hair follicle where they originate. Whiteheads form beneath the skin and their colour is a result of them not being exposed to oxygen. Blackheads, however, consist of similar materials but the top part is pushed to the surface where it makes contact with the air and develops its dark colour.

Minor spots such as these are normally quite simple to treat. There is a vast range of creams, medicines and tablets available to help control acne. Although some will require a prescription from your doctor, many can be purchased over the counter from a pharmacy.

There are also some general ‘rules of thumb’ that can be followed to help reduce outbreaks of acne.

A thorough and regular skin cleansing routine will help keep over-production of sebum to a minimum but be careful not to over-exfoliate with harsh rubbing as this can aggravate the problem further.

When the affected skin is that on the face or chest, it is relatively easy to treat. However, what do you do with a pimple in your nose or spots on your back? Actually, the treatment is rather similar.

Again, you need to ensure you are not making any existing conditions worse. For example, acne on your back or shoulders can be irritated by wearing ill-fitting clothes or carrying heavy bags.

Exfoliation is also important to keep skin cells renewing. A back scratcher or loofah is ideal but again, don’t go overboard or you will make matters worse,

If the pimple is inside your nose, this can be an exceptionally difficult thing to treat – but it is possible!

Pimples in the nostril can often pose larger problems as they are surrounded by various irritants such as hair, oils and mucus. They are also very difficult to get to in order to apply topical treatment.

One option is to ‘wash out’ your nostril with warm mater and then, using a cotton bud, apply cream to the spot. This will help to dry up the pimple.

No matter where on your body you find spots – and you just never know where they might turn up – they can be treated if you just think about it logically!

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