Elimination and Replacement - A Natural Acne Treatment

Joey Pinkney

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Let start with what's not natural:

  • prescription medicines
  • harsh chemicals (benzoyl peroxide)
  • food additives and processed foods
If you are dealing with any item in the above list, then your journey to an acne free existence may be a longer one. One natural acne treatment that you might not even think of is water-and lots of it! Drink water the first thing in the morning, 8 - 12 oz. Water does so much, it would take and article to cover just a few of the basics. As a matter of fact, read my article Water Cures Acne on JoeyPinkney.com to learn more. Another natural remedy is to eliminate refined sugar and replacing it more natural alternatives. I know, easier said than done. Well, at least try to cut down on sodas and fruit juice. Fruit juice? Yes. Pasteurized and homogenized fruit juices are just as bad as any other sugar-filled drinks. Try to replace them with products known as SuperFoods or Green Drinks. A good introductory product in this category would be Earth's Promise. Tastes great, does the job.

Why sugar? Not only does it aid in the development of acne, it also causes a host of other health issues as pointed out by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Two other items to scratch off the list of things that go in your mouth are Monosodium Glutamate (aka MSG) and aspartamine(aka NutraSweet). MSG is very poisonous. Both can cause nerve cell damage (aka excitotoxicity). Aspartamine is a staple ingredient in diet sodas as a replacement for sugar in regular sodas. Aspartamine is classified as a neurotoxin. Yes, neuro- as in “brain", and toxin as in “poison". . .

The above suggestions are a jumping point of conquering your acne once and for all. By taking careful consideration of what you are eating, you will clear up any and all skin conditions. Plain and simple.

If you really want the perfect guide for a natural acne treatment, check out Chris Gibson's Acne Free In 3 Days . Not only does it show you what to do to clear up your acne, it provides a detoxification diet that will get you on the path to wellness. Both inside and out. . .

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