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Acne Cure Secrets


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The greedy acne industry is hiding the secrets to curing your acne quickly and easily. After 11 years suffering from chronic acne I found out the simple steps to curing acne naturally! In this brief article I explain exactly what they are. . .

Firstly, you should know that acne can never be truly cured using cleansers or any topicals. The only way to clear your skin is internally. . .

The first thing you must do is stop eating vegetable oil IF you want clear skin! This is because vegetable oil causes inflammation at a hormonal level and results in acne break outs.

The main source of vegetable oil in your diet is likely to be from vegetable cooking oils such as sunflower oil. DO NOT cook with these! You should also be careful about vegetable oil in food products like sauces. Make it a habit to check the food ingredient list to make sure no vegetable oil is in it. There will always be non-vegetable oil alternatives!

Ok, so you've stopped eating vegetable oil and you see your acne is clearing up quickly. Next, you need to get lots of quality nutrients into your body as this really helps with acne. To do this simply eat more wholefoods and vegetables and take quality supplements. Vitamins, minerals and enzymes are so important to clear skin, it really cannot be understated!

The last step to wipe out your acne is to check if you have candida. The biggest giveaway that you have candida is having a white coating on your tongue. If you have candida (which causes acne by the way) you need to cut out sugar from your diet, and increase vegetable intake. You should also take probiotics. These basic steps should be adequate to your beat candida, but there are more advanced steps if you need them. . .

These three simple steps are the secrets to clearing your acne that the greedy acne industry doesn't want you to know. . .

David Rambai has written a free e-course for you called “The Natural Acne Cure - Secrets Revealed!" which can be found at


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