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Acne- Effective Natural Remedies For Lasting Relief From Acne


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Many acne sufferers are believe that treating acne involves expensive chemical ointments and creams. But the truth is that acne home treatments can give even more effective and lasting solutions and without costing an arm and a leg. Yes you can sure your acne without any expensive treatments right from home.

People who usually get affected with acne usually have oily skin. There is no consensus from scientists as to what causes acne yet. While some suggest that it is caused by genes others believe it is a result of hormonal imbalances and changes in the body. But whatever the cause excessive oil production results in pores being clogged and infected which results in acne.

There are also suggestions by doctors that vitamin deficiencies especially from lack of vitamins C and A can also lead to acne. This is because if the body does not get enough of these vitamins this affects the skin ability to effectively fight acne.

Increase in the intake of certain vitamins like vitamins E and vitamin B5 help combat acne much like vitamin A. So taking these vitamins is also has an added benefit. It is a good idea to consume a good helping of vegetables as well as fruits as they are full of the vitamins the body needs to help prevent acne.

Cleansing of the skin is also quiet important when it comes to treating acne and should be incorporated in your daily home acne treatment regiment. Dirt does not cause acne contrary to popular belief. The excessive oil on the skin is what causes acne by helping breed the bacteria that lead to acne. A good facial cleanser which can be gotten from your home are lemons. Not only does it cleanse the skin but it also provides vitamin C. it can be used before bedtime and in the morning by rubbing a piece of lemon on the face.

Another highly effective homemade acne treatment remedy is garlic. Squeezing the juice of garlic on an affected part of the skin usually cures leads to the disappearance of acne.

Using a home acne treatment is a very effective way of dealing with acne. Most of the acne treatments gotten off the shelf or prescribed are not as effective as homemade or natural treatments because they work naturally without any harsh chemical side effects and attack the root cause of the problem. This is the biggest advantage of using home treatment acne solutions apart from the fact that there are no high costs involved.

You can find more helpful tips on how to permanently get rid of acne and how to find lasting relief from future acne breakouts using natural acne treatments . Visit


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