Special Fruits Used In The Treatment Of Diabetes


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It is well known that a person suffering of diabetes has special needs regarding food and diet.

One of the most valuable fruits used in the diabetic's diet is the apple. Apples contain in their rind and pulp a high level of pectine, which supplies the galacturonic acid needed in the process of cleaning the body of harmful substances. It also decreases the body's need of insulin by 35%.

Besides pectine, apples also contain vitamin B1, which has an important role in preventing brain damages during diabetic acidosis, and reverses a complication that appears in diabetes: the neurosis. This complication can be relieved by administering high doses of vitamin B1.

Another valuable fruit is the grapefruit, a citrus fruit. Besides its appetizing properties and its refreshing qualities, studies have proved its usefulness in decreasing the level of sugar in the blood if taken two weeks, three times a day. Associated to this diet, consume of sweets, chocolate, and fats should be reduced and replaced with consume of more vegetables and fruits.

Other anti-diabetes fruit is The Jambul Fruit (also known as the rose apple) which grows in India, used at first by natives. It has a strong effect on the pancreas, checking the wrong transformation of starch into sugar in case of increase production of glucose.

The fruit is mostly used for its seeds which are dried, powdered and then mixed with water. This drink taken three times a day controls the level of sugar in the blood, allays thirst and prevents excessive urination.

In Ayurveda another treatment is considered to be useful in diabetes: the use of white ash from the inner bark of jambul tree, crumbled in the mortar, strained and then bottled. The treatment consists in giving the patient in the morning, on an empty stomach two grams of the ash and then the same in the afternoon. It is considered that this treatment controls excessive urination that affects most of the diabetics.

An equilibrate diet, based on vegetables, fruit and juices, and with less fats and sweets, associated with an active lifestyle, quitting smoking, self measuring the level of sugar in the blood and losing weight could control the diabetes and allow the patients to live a normal life.

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