How To Beat Diabetes


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I was diagnosed as having diabetes about a year and a half ago and was totally blindsided. After all, I thought I had always taken pretty good care of myself, taken all the latest and greatest nutritional supplements. Did plenty of walking, weight training, even did some running. Diabetes was not something I gave any thought to. It was an illness that happened to the couch potatoes, the overweight, and those with sedentary lifestyles.

I was anything but any of those. Even my job demanded plenty of activity of me. I climbed extension ladders, lifted heavy buckets of mud and paint. Sometimes carrying them quite a good distance. I was strong, I had endurance and I'd not been sick many days in my life.

Since my work was done mainly outside and in the southwestern part of the U. S. I didn't recognize the first symptom of thirst. It was subtle. I began to consume oceans of water to no avail. I carried a 2.5 gallon cooler of water with me and by 9 am I had to refill it. But the denial thing wouldn't let me even look at how much water I was consuming. At the end of the day I did notice that I was more tired than normal and still thirsty.

I concluded that the tiredness was a direct result of not taking the right kind of vitamins. I ignored the thirst.

Now in spite of the activity in my life, I still had the battle of the bulging mid section to contend with, when I started to lose weight I remember thinking that I must be doing something right so I also pretty much ignored the second symptom which was sudden weight loss.

The weight loss was a contradiction since I was eating everything in site. I couldn't get enough. I had this insatiable appetite and yet I was losing weight at an alarming rate. Another symptom I refused to acknowledge.

When I finally lost 40 of the 185lbs that I weighed and could barely get out of bed in the morning because I was so exhausted. I'd come to in the morning and think I'd just fallen asleep and for whatever reason had awaken prematurely only to discover that I'd actually been asleep all night. It was then that I surrendered to the fact that perhaps something was wrong. Duh!

How could it be? Hadn't I tried to do the right things?

What I discovered was that I'd left out a very basic component of the equation. I never really paid much attention to what I was putting in my belly at meal and snack time. I always justified poor choices with, “I'll just do extra time on the tread mill or walk a few extra blocks". etc, etc.

I'm not saying that good nutritional supplements and exercise don't work. They do work. But you've got to take away the fatty foods and sweets made with all the fat.

Poor eating and exposure to harsh chemicals from my trade set me up for diabetes. Both attributed to my immune system being weakened allowing diabetes to rear it's ugly head.

I've gone from oral medication to insulin dependency to at the date of this writing, free of any medications to control my blood sugar levels.

Exercise, nutritional supplements and diet is How to Beat Diabetes. It's not easy at times and yet most of the time It is second nature. Too many other health issues are associated with high blood sugar that cannot and must not be ignored.

Take Care Of Your Body and It'll take care of You!

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