Keep Yourself Healthy With Diabetic Diet Plan – Part 1


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According to the 2005 statistics, over 7% of the population in the United States have diabetes. That is a whopping 20 million people in the United States alone.

Diabetes occurs when the body can no longer convert the daily food that you eat into energy that you need for bodily functions as well as daily activities. This happens because the body is unable to produce this hormone called insulin. Hence the body cannot use the insulin it produces and available in the body to break down the sugar into energy.

Once you are diagnosed with diabetes, you should immediately start on a proper diabetic diet plan. This is essential to a healthy life without further complications associated with diabetes ( Type 1 or Type 2 ). If you do not take care of your diet and maintain a active lifestyle, complications such as eye, kidney and nerve diseases will often arise.

However, many diabetic patients are reluctant to make such a change in their diet as they feel that it will mean giving up all sugars. This is not true. Instead, think of a diabetic diet as another great way to ensure that you loose excess weight as being overweight promotes high blood sugar. The proper diabetic diet plan means regulation rather than restriction of your normal diet.

1. Why do you need to follow a diabetic diet?

The whole point of following a diabetic diet is to ensure that the insulin levels in the body and sugar levels are kept constant. This is often misunderstood by diabetics that they can no longer enjoy all the types of food. The fact is that you just need to follow the doctor's advice and watch your diet closely but by no means restrict yourself from eating what you enjoy.

There are several types of ways to help yourself keep a close watch on your diabetic diet without feeling that you are missing on any of the good stuff. Get a portable device that allows you to check your blood sugar as often as possible. This device believed to be pain free and therefore easier to use even after every meal or snack. Find out more about the type of diabetes you have to ensure you are in control of it and not the other way around.

It is advisable that in the beginning, you should seek the help of a qualified doctor to draw out your first diabetic diet plan. This is so that can be done according to your present state of health, which will direct most of the terms in your present diet.

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