Controlling the Level of Glucose throughout the Body


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Once diagnosed with diabetes one should know that a compleat change of hie or hers way of life is needed. A very stable and regular diet should in this way be put together, following the guidelines of the food pyramid. A special count of lipids, glucides, protein and carbohydrates should be made in order to make the intake of nutrients properly so not to disturb the balance of glucose through out the body. Eating at regular ours should also be done.

Because not eating properly is a major risk in developing diabetes, starting a healthy diet may prove to be a very tricky situation. For this The American Dietetic Association would be a very wise to check with.

Eating more starch would be one of the first and most important things to start doing. Six time a day would be a perfect count of servings. Some of the most recommended meals would be cereal, nonfat milk, cooked black beans or corn.

Vegetables and fruits are also very important foods that should be taken in consideration. Eating up to 5 fruits or veggies a day is kind of the perfect amount because it is also very balanced. Fruits for snacks are again a very good idea.

Sugars and sweets should be the things to try to keep away from; although once every one or two weeks u could try out just a beet of cake or simple desert.

Fibers are one of the most important foods that should constantly be in the diet of a patient suffering from diabetes. Vegetables, cereal, seeds and certain legumes are perfect to keep in ones diet. Carrots, whole grains and nuts should be consumed on a daily bases. Some of the cereals actually act as scrubbers for the lower intestinal tract.

Weight is the next most important thing to confront. A healthy and maintained weight is a very important thing for everyone suffering from diabetes. Loosing some body fat will most certainly improve the usage of ones own created insulin, in the case of type 2 patients.

Smoking and alcohol are serious problems when it comes to fighting this disease. Severe smoking can worsen the circulation of blood even more being so tragic in some cases that the amputation of limbs is necessary. Also alcohol can seriously damage tissue in diabetes patients, especially if taken on an empty stomach.

Different foods have different times of digestion and that is why the level of glucose in the blood is seriously affected depending on what you eat.

A healthy way of life is always preferable when it comes to fighting diabetes.

So, if you want to find out more about type 1 diabetes or even about symptoms of diabetes please follow this link


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