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Type 2 Diabetes - The Cause And Symptoms Bares All


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The pancreas is the organ responsible for producing insulin in the human body. Insulin is a hormone in the form of protein. Insulin promotes the absorption of sugar from the blood to the muscles.

It also converts sugar to another form of sugar call glycogen. By need the body cells convert the glycogen to glucose and use it as fuel. Effectively insulin acts as a regulator to regulate the amount of glucose level in the blood.

Diabetes type ii indicates that the cells in the patients do not react to insulin stimulation. There are two out comes of the failure; the body fails to store the glucose in the cells or to use the glucose as an energy source. This phenomena are sometimes referred to as insulin resistance. .

The amount of glucose in the blood therefore rises. The body will counter this situation by increasing insulin production. Over a long period of time the body cannot maintain high level of insulin produce and it will eventually decrease.

Why do you get type 2 diabetes?

What is going on when the disease occurs is not entirely known. It may be cause by insulin itself or the cells surface structure. The most common denominator among patients is in the lifestyle.

Too high consumption of sugar and fat -Over-weight -Too less exercise over many years. Therefore diabetes type 2 can be prevented by a right diet and with regular exercise. The high level of glucose in the blood can affect the body in many ways such as: You’ll feel lethargic and tired all the time.

The molecular thickness of the blood increases. This causes water to be pulled out from the body tissues and into the blood. Tissues become dry and increase in the production of urine. Since the body constantly requires energy, the body will get it from another source i. e. protein and fat; causing sudden weight loss and muscle tissue break down.

How do you know when you get diabetes type 2?

This disease is the most common type of diabetes around. Nine out of 10 person are likely to get these type of diabetic disease. There use to be a time when most of the diabetes sufferer are middle age and older, however things are changing. The diabetes type II usually comes in different stages. The symptoms are.

-More urine are produced causing increased frequency of urination.
-Blurred vision and in severe case complete blindness.
-Dehydration and not enough water in the body.
-An increased in appetite
-Any physical injuries which normally heals fast, started to take a long time.

Over time the disease will developed into other types of diseases namely, heart disease and even stroke.

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How To Recognize Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms
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