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Type 2-Diabetes caused more deaths in American last year than motor vehicle crashes according to the 2006 statistics from the Center for Disease Control.

Diabetes and other diseases are preventable with nutrition information and education. This additional nutrition information can be found with the Western Wellness and Weight Loss Institute at

Type 2-Diabetes Mellitus-
When fats are metabolized a hormone or chemical signal tells our bodies how to process the food into energy.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are characterized by elevated sugar levels in the blood. Every cell in our bodies requires this blood sugar, Glucose, for energy. With Diabetes the sugar/Glucose from foods accumulate in the blood and is not utilized by the cells of the body for energy.

Calorie-dense foods of our modern diet produce erroneous amounts of blood glucose.

The excess glucose, of a calorie-dense diet, attaches to blood proteins and interferes with their natural functions leading to disorders like kidney failure, blindness, stroke, heart disease and narrowing of blood vessels.

-Nutrition Information Unique to the Western Wellness Institute-
“The way our body functions is unchanged from those who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago and our lifestyle has accelerated. The result is biological disaster. ” Philip J. Goscienski M. D.

Calorie sparse foods of early America and foods of underdeveloped countries today do not produce high levels of glucose in the blood.

People in early America ate less only when there was less to eat. In some geographic locations where food deprivation occurred frequently the “Thrifty Gene" resulted. This gene left some populations the ability to store fat during periods of plenty to survive during times of famine. This ensured the survival of a species. This gene still persists, but is no longer necessary in modern cultures.

-Treatment for Diabetes for a Population is Economic Disaster-
Though now unneeded this gene persists, while westernization of cultures resumes. Dr. Frank Booth of the University of Missouri confirms, “Human cells are maladapted to an inactive lifestyle. ”

The challenge of this generation is to empower a culture to live modestly and promote healthy nutrition information and nutrition plans like those found at, for healthy. Because, as Dr. Goscienski stated, “Prevention is possible. Treatment is economically unsustainable. ”

Western Wellness Institute


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