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For eons, it seems, women the world over have made use of a staggering array of highly imaginative aids to preserve or improve on what nature bestowed upon them. Nor are these beauty secrets always the privilege of the rich, but transcend class and even, in these equal-opportunity modern times, transcend gender.

And while it's true that Westerners of both sexes sometimes go to extremes to maintain their physical appeal - in the form of cosmetic enhancements, fat removal, and any manner of unpleasant and expensive, not to mention risky, procedures, it's sadly true that some of the most basic beauty secrets in fact cost very little and can help those who follow them to the letter to maintain both their health and their attractiveness.

A true fundamental of any beauty regime is adequate hydration. Yes, drinking enough of that bland, inexpensive substance water (6-10 glasses per day) is de rigeur for plumped-up, glowing skin and efficient elimination of all those nasty toxins our bodies are awash with in these polluted modern times. As an inner cleanser and flusher-out of dross it's unbeatable, and an essential staple among beauty secrets.

Obviously diet plays a big role in skin condition too - if you're deficient in the nutrients necessary for good skin health, your complexion will suffer and you may well look older (and more tired) than your years. Regular consumption of fruit and vegetables and their juices - especially the organic kind - will help boost energy and prevent deficiency, unlike refined foods which I find often have a lethargic effect which does nothing for your energy levels and joie de vivre - one important source of your inner as opposed to outer beauty.

Exercise is, of course, another well-known beauty secret for the way it oxygenates the blood, and, like H2O, is a totally gratis resource! Even fairly gentle exercise like jogging or swimming can help with skin tone and improved circulation and digestion, leading to more efficient metabolism and elimination of impurities, which enhances the health generally and the skin specifically. Exercise also leads to the release of endorphins - those “feel good" chemicals which give a natural high and more optimistic outlook. Staying positive in turn makes for a healthier immune system and possibly longer life.

As so many people's lives revolve around close relationships, clearly one of the biggest beauty secrets of all is the making and maintaining of close and deep ties throughout one's life, for the support and nurturing that these can give in times of need. Also, and not least, for the simple, undemanding companionship and sense of community spirit relationships in general provide which can help keep at bay the isolation and even alienation that so increasingly affects modern man, with a correspondingly negative impact on his health and well-being. tries to help people to feel and look their best, as we believe that a fit, healthy, well-cared-for body, allied to good skin care, goes a long way towards creating a more positive and productive mindset.

Jay Rich is the founder of For info on anti aging cream and cosmetic surgery, plus other ways to stay looking younger for longer, please visit our site, where we offer a free e-course on beauty and skin care.


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