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Movie stars and celebrities always seem to have the perfect hair - shiny, healthy, and vibrant. Sadly, not all of us are movie stars and we can not afford the expensive treatments and pampering that they give to their hair. “Normal" people are more prone to dry and dull hair due to excessive exposure to the sun, wind, and water. Hair drying and perming can take its toll on the hair, too. But now, dull hair can be treated thanks to the many hair vitamins available today.

Why hair turns dull

Hair turns dull due to too much exposure to the elements like sun, wind, and water. The chlorine in swimming pools can leave your hair dry and dull. Excessive combing can lead to dull hair, too. The friction caused by pulling a brush through the hair wears away the protective external layering of the hair strand called the cuticle. Under normal circumstances, this cuticle is a scale-like armor for the hair strand, giving it its natural resiliency. But if worn away, the hair strands become damaged, leaving hair dry and dull. Other activities such as excessive blow drying, hair treatments, perming, straightening, and coloring can damage the hair in the long run. Because of all these, moisture is lost in the hair and the important oils known as lipids are not retained efficiently.

Resurrect your hair

Hair vitamins can resurrect your dull hair. Look for products that have Vitamin E, folic acid, para-aminobenzoic acid, and inositol. Vitamin E is helps replenish lost moisture not only in the hair but in the skin as well. Folic acid and para-aminobenzoic acid, both of which are a few of the many B-complex vitamins, are good for the hair as well. Folic acid speeds up reproduction of new cells to replace the old ones, and para-aminobenzoic acid revitalizes hair by making its natural color fuller and richer. Inositol is a chemical which strengthens the cell membranes of the hair, making it retain moisture better.

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Vitamins and Dry Hair
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