Lasik and Dry Eye


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The occurrence of dry eye often mars the reputation of lasik surgery. Dry eye is a disorder that features dryness of the eye due to the absence of sufficient lubrication. The persistent dryness of the eye may eventually lead to the loss of vision. Proper medical attention can control the disease without much complication.

Dry eye results from the absence of tear production or fast drying. The symptoms of dry eye include burning of the eye, scratching or itching, less tear production etc. Some dry eye patients have a constant feeling of grittiness or the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. In some cases, dry eye results in watery eyes due to an excessive production of tears.

Dry eye is caused owing to many factors. Environmental factors are a major reason for dry eye. Defects in the nerves that regulate tear production can also cause dry eye.

Dry eye is a usual after-effect occurring during the post operative period of the surgery. A damage caused to the nerves during the surgery can also result in dry eye. An impairment of the goblet cells, which plays a key role in the wetting, will also result in dry eye. Sometimes, dysfunction of oil glands or the altered shape of the cornea can be the reasons for dry eye. Prolonged dry eye will happen in patients with congenital tendency for dry eyes.

Dry eye treatment includes artificial tears, lubrication gels, punctal plugs, oil supplements, restasis etc. The patients with a tendency for dry eye and incomplete eye lid closure must keep away from lasik surgery to avoid complication.

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