Get the WOW! Factor With Eyes That Have Allure

Jaks Lloyd

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Sexy eyes are a magnet to getting noticed and remembered.

Think of the man in your life gazing into your eyes over a glass of champagne with romantic music playing softly in the background and the lights turned down low.

Suddenly a thought crosses your mind – can I get away with my eyes or are they bloodshot, dull or just ordinary looking, is my make up OK?

Or is it just OK?

Do the colors I've used blend in or clash, a hundred and one bad thoughts cross your mind about your looks.

Feeling like this is called a panic attack and happens to most women at some time in romantic situations. If you are lucky the attack is all over in a few seconds and you can get on with captivating that man.

Can you keep these worrying thoughts from crossing your mind at such critical times?

If you are a normal female probably not, but you can take steps to overcome these panicky moments in short order and put these worries out of your mind.

The solution is preparation and confidence and you can't have one without the other. You must make your eyes subtly noticeable and very sexy.

That means an emphasis on the more obvious techniques combined with a soft seductive look around the eyes.

Its not difficult and one I know works right from the off is that forties look with a sexy bang of hair falling over one side of your face and just above the brows.

That is a guaranteed switch on that no red-blooded man can resist.

Use an eye liner that is a soft brown, not black, to give that appealing look and make the eye brows look softer with a creamy light colored shadow to add to that I can't resist you effect.

The clincher is to make your eyelashes dramatic by using a black lengthening mascara or false eye lashes.

Of course you must pay attention to other aspects of your make up, choosing a glossy lipstick to accentuate full lips, getting your cheeks to glow and don't forget a sensuous scent. If you want more information on other make up tips from the world of modeling go to our contact page and let us know. We will be happy to expand this website to embrace the proven ways to enhance your looks from top to toes.

Remember that it is usually the eyes that are the first point of contact between people and this is when first impressions are formed.

Follow these easy tips to create alluring eyes and rest assured that those first impressions will be great, your confidence will be boosted and any panic attacks won't last long.

When it comes to relationships men are simple creatures really, their attitudes to the opposite sex are pretty basic.

When you look them in the eye with the confidence that you look good you can make them jump through hoops, it's a great feeling!!

Jacqueline Lloyd is the author of this article which appears in her definitive website For your Eyes Only/ Model Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Eyes


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