How To Make Your Own Perfume For Fun and Profit


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One of the things teens and adults need to feel and smell good when going out is perfume. There are various brands in the market bought local and foreign that are worth buying but those who don’t have enough dough can try experimenting and making up a concoction at home.

The first thing the individual should do is get the important ingredients to make this work. This is normally made up water, essential oils and pure grain alcohol better known as vodka.

There are various types of perfumes in the market. There is the perfume or body splash, cologne, the Eau De Cologne and the Eau de Toilette that are made from plant and animal oils.

Homemade perfumes essentially come from plant oils. These are not that expensive and can be purchased from various stores. When all the materials are ready, it is time to go to work.

An important thing that the person has to know that there are 3 types of notes when it comes to making perfumes. There are the base, middle and top notes. These vary depending on how long the scent will last on the skin.

Base notes could last up to 8 hours or more on the body. Perfume companies normally use cedar wood, cinnamon patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla in making a product. Some examples of middle notes are bottle nut meg, geranium, neroli and ylang-ylang. The essential oils to create top notes are bergamot and lavender.

The different notes will never work without another type of note known as the bridge note. This will help blend the various scents together making the whole thing work. Some examples of bridge notes are litsea cubeba, lavender and lemongrass.

Is it possible to use all the three notes to make a perfume? The answer is yes. The individual can drop a few amounts of each into the test tube so these will mix together. The person should smell it to check on it and if everything is going well, this is the time that two ounces of vodka are also placed inside.

Smelling the product is not the best way to check if it is working. A small amount must be applied to the skin to make sure it does not have any adverse reaction.

The drops placed from the essential oils and the vodka won't even reach halfway point of the test tube. If the smell is still good, this should be stored in a cool place for 48 hours before this is mixed with water and then letting it come out through a coffee filter.

The finished perfume is then placed in a small plastic bottle with a sprayer on top. Some prefer to use a dark colored container so that the contents will last longer before it is time once again to produce a new batch.

The rule of thumb for perfumes is that the longer it is stored, the stronger is the smell. So, it is the choice of the individual whether to make the concoction last for an hour or longer.

The process of producing the right scent takes a lot of patience. Sometimes, putting more one type of note can change everything and the individual will have to start over. The same thing also happens with companies trying to produce new products for the consumer so the person shouldn’t worry since everyone is in the same boat.

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