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Lesion is originally a Latin word meaning injury. It is used for any abnormal tissue in the body. Skin lesions include cysts, moles or even warts. They are benign most of the time. Though, occasionally they can be cancerous. The reasons for their manifestation are varied including autoimmune processes, Neoplasm, infection as well as trauma.

Seborrheic keratosis is a type of skin lesion that looks dangerous albeit being benign. They are also at times colloquially referred to as barnacles. They may occur in various sizes and types. Most lesions arise from the epidermis or uppermost layer of skin and do not go too deep into the skin like warts, which are caused by Human papilloma viruses. Seborrheic keratosis is quite itchy, and itchiness is found to increase with age. It is best to leave skin lesions alone as they are benign. However at times they have to be removed because of its itchy nature or as they are aesthetically unacceptable.

Keratoacanthoma is a type of skin lesion that is benign and self-limiting. It is generally found on exposed skin, generally on the hands and face. It reaches a size up to 3 cm in diameter. They are generally single lesions however some times patients are known to develop multiple lesions. It is usually treated by excision biopsy but at times may need radiation therapy for complete cure.

There are several ways of removing lesions. Surgery is the most common method of removal. Warts can be removed by freezing them off using liquid gas. They can also be treated with chemical paint in certain cases or at times be burned off. In case of malignant lesions, a biopsy is generally taken from the surface of the affected skin and sent for analysis. In such cases, lesions need to be treated carefully and skin specialists may be consulted.

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