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Many women prefer Brazilian hair removal methods, as they are clean and provide a close wax. Women, who want to undergo the waxing procedure, visit salons for special Brazilian treatment. The traditional method of hair removal is now applied in the parlors and salons. Professional waxers chop the hair with scissors, after which the technicians place warm wax on the specific body area, which is to be waxed in small proportions with the help of a wooden stick. Cloth strips are placed over the hot wax after it hardens, and the cloth is then pulled away from the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If there are stray hairs after waxing, the technicians pluck them out individually.

The implied meaning of Brazilian waxing is the Brazilian bikini wax, which removes the hair from the pubic areas. The removal of hair along the bikini line has become very popular among women and is fast growing as a trend. Women, who wear bikini style swimsuits, require a Brazilian wax so that they can move around freely. Women often opt for full body waxing in the traditional Brazilian style.

The Brazilian style of bikini waxing gained popularity in the late 90's. The Seven Brazilian-born sisters introduced it for the first time in New York in the year 1987. The term Brazilian waxing is also interchangeably used as Hollywood waxing since, during the initial years of its popularity, only famous Hollywood stars underwent this waxing therapy before it caught on with the civilians as well.

The Brazilian wax is different from the regular bikini wax methods as the hair in this method is removed from the front, back and from the middle parts of the pubic area. The time required for the Brazilian is approximately fifteen minutes to half an hour.

It is necessary for the waxer to be a professional in Brazilian waxing, as non-professionals are not capable enough to carry out the job efficiently. Generally, it is seen that waxing can be very painful in the initial stage, but frequent waxing eventually reduces the pain.

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