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Obtain A Better Tan With Tanning Lotions And Tanning Bulbs, Two Critical Tanning Bed Products


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There are two main tanning bed products that every tanning bed owner needs. The first is the tanning bed bulbs and the second is the tanning bed creams. Both are equally critical in getting a good tan.

No one should try to use a tanning bed without applying a good tanning bed lotion. The lotion should be rubbed gently across the entire body. This not only helps in giving a good tan but also protects the skin against the dangers of ultraviolet rays. It also replenishes the moisture that is lost during tanning.

Most of the tanning bed lotions use tyrosine, an amino acid that helps in the generation of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its unique color. Vitamin E and copper are two other ingredients that are used in most tanning bed lotions. The former prevents the formation of wrinkles and makes the skin supple while the latter reduces the harshness of scars or other blemishes on the skin.

The tanning bed lotions are made today to suit the nature and color of individual skin. That is why there are separate lotions for very fair skin or dark and dry skins. You need to know your skin type before deciding which tanning lotion to buy.

You also need to know about tanning bulbs before using tanning beds. Each bulb has a different intensity. You need to adjust your exposure time according to the intensity of the bulb. Some bulbs today come with sophisticated mirror reflectors. These generate very intense ultra violet rays. They give you a good tan in a short time but they can produce dangerous side effects if used over long periods.

It is also essential to use bulbs of the same power and make to get a uniform and even tan. The policy should be to replace the full set of bulbs when buying a used tanning bed. This leads to a more satisfactory tanning experience.

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Four Tips For Purchasing Tanning Bed Bulbs
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