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Ayurveda does just the opposite - it expands the possibilities of beauty, helping you find and cultivate true beauty in yourself, in others , and in the world around you. In Ayurveda , beauty is neither a mask you hide behind , someone else's idea, nor the latest trend. It is the outer reflection of the inner you, so it is ultimately honest, individual and timeless.

As my patients have discovered, Ayurvedic tools and techniques used to cultivate beauty are effortless in the sense that their actions are going with the flow of nature-not against it. The practice involve discipline, but it is discipline with a great deal of pleasure. These practices are enjoyable themselves- eating good food, inhaling delicious aroma, enjoying oil massages, - and lots more. Ayurveda's unique perspective helps you see yourself in a fresh, new light and provides you with the joy, and fulfillment of making a commitment to your self that exemplifies the love you feel for yourself and your body.

Why do we care about beauty? Why do so many of my patients come in with complaints not only about fatigue, digestive imbalances, insomnia but also about pimples, wrinkles, and stubborn pounds that are irritating to daily happiness. Are we being self indulgent or obsessive? No, definitely not. We human have sought physical beauty and delighted in its blessing since the dawn of time. The urge to be thought beautiful and desirable, to groom and decorate and embellish ourselves to achieve that goal , stem from a deep primal need to be noticed , accepted, and loved.

Does health create beauty or beauty create health? The answer is both. Just as mind and body are so inextricably connected as to be one and the same thing, so are health and beauty intrinsically related. Effortless Beauty by Dr. Helen Thomas gives the complete ayurvedic approach to take for each body type.

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Hi I am a practicing Chiropractor for the last 25 years. Ayurveda came into my life in 1984. I have study with the best in the nation and the best in India. It is a practice that takes a lifetime to become a master. I love teaching it and practicing it. The results in everyday practice are phenomenal. It takes seven years to get a degree in Ayurveda in India. It is a serious healthcare science that as a doctor of Chiropractic I was prepared to take it on as my specialty. It gives me so much as a human being and supports me as a professional and serves my community with such grace.


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