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With a host of beauty and make up products flocking the market, it becomes difficult to choose the right color for an eye make up. However, it is important to remember eye make up colors can be chosen according to the individuals’ eye color and the grandeur of the occasion. Individuals need to understand that the eyelids have a darker shade than the rest of the face and can be oily in some cases that might lend a blotchy look to the color when applied on them. Deeply set eyes might hide the true color when the eyes are open. It is essential to clean the eye area properly and use concealer to hide the flaws of the entire eyelid. Application of loose powder would instantly make the area bright and control excessive oil. Highlighting the brow bones can then help in accentuating deeply set eyes.

Once the basic make up is complete, an appropriate make up color can be matched with the dress and eye color. Brown and rose shadows can compliment blue eyes very well providing a warm contrast to the cool blue eye color. Individuals with brown eyes can try gold and green shades preferable with a glittery texture. Green eyes go well with lavender and mocha shades giving a dramatic look and natural effect. While mocha can be ideal for day make up, lavender can light up the night occasions. Pale yellow and deep green are the shades of hazel eyes matching perfectly with the flecks of the eyes. Apart from these specific shades, the universal eyeliner colors that are used by everybody are chocolate, charcoal, and black for complementing any kind of eye shadow.

It is important to use lighter shades on the brow bones and darker ones on the eyelids to bring out the best effects. Eye glosses are the most recent trends of eye make up and add shimmer and shine to the applied colors. For applying powder eyeliners, running the brush under cold water and applying it wet on the eyes would provide a more intense color. While black shades provide a classy look, blue counteracts redness. Pink, white, and yellow liners make the eyes look brighter.

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