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Electrolysis Hair Removal vs. Laser Hair Removal


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In the realm of hair removal, there are only two types that are considered to have permanent results. These are, Electrolysis hair removal, and methods involving a light source, the most common of these being laser hair removal. If you considering taking this step, which is the best method for you to go for. The answer to that question depends on several things. Some of these are dictated by physical appearance, others by your preference. I shall detail these below, starting with your physical characteristics.

The most important physical characteristic for laser hair removal is colour. Both the colour of the hair, and the colour of the skin. The reason for this is the energy from the laser light is absorbed by the pigmentation of both the skin and hair. Although work is being done on improving the effect on the lighter hair colours, it works best on dark hair, and pale skin. So if you have blond hair, or black skin, then the choice is made for you, only electrolysis will work for you. For other colour combinations, it is best to seek advice from a laser hair removal specialist to see if laser hair removal is suitable for you.

The next consideration is the size of the area to be treated. Electrolysis hair removal treats one hair at a time, and over a large area may take a very long time. Laser hair removal by contrast, treats an area of about 1 cm², and so is much quicker, and is preferred over electrolysis in these situations.

As a corollary to this there is also a question of hair density. A large area may be better treated using electrolysis, if it has few hairs to be treated. The opposite of this situation, is an area with a large hair density, ie many hairs in a small area, like for example the top lip. Laser treatment can do the entire area in about 9 zaps, whereas electrolysis can take many hours of treatment.

Both of these methods can be painful, with laser treatment each area is treated several times every 4 weeks or so. With each treatment the hair density is lowered, and the pain level is reduced. Although it never goes away completely. With electrolysis, the pain level remains the same with each treatment. Along with the pain, there is also the question of injury? Both methods have the ability to cause considerable injury and/or infection. So it is important that a respectable practitioner be consulted.

As a final consideration, there is also the question of what permanent really means. Laser hair treatments are claimed to be permanent for one year, although full growth is never recovered, it is recommended that top up treatments be taken once a year. Whereas, electrolysis is permanent, and should never have to be done again. Other factors such as hormones can effect hair growth, and so a completely permanent solution may be impossible.

I hope that this comparison of the methods has been of help to you.

I am Mrs. Eva Axon, I have studied all the forms of hair removal over the years to get rid of my own unsightly hair. I have tried many methods of hair removal, including both of the methods contained in this article. For more information please check out my web site at Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal


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