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Choosing The Right Tanning Product


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Spray Tans: Use a spray tan if you have normal, oily or combination skin, depending on the combination. Typically, spray tans are based on a DHA formula so can dry your skin out if you don't use a slightly heavier moisturizer than you normally would.

A spray tan is ideal for your whole body, with the ability to get into those hard to reach places. Perfect for your legs and allowing a streak free application, provided you follow the instructions to a T. Great for using on your back as well, provided the nozzle is equipped to allow any direction spray, which the majority of spray tans are.

My Tip: Apply half an hour before bed, this allows the skin to dry completely and as most of us don't wear a bra to bed, you won't get any lines and by the time you wake up, your tan will have developed and you can apply another coat if desired.

Gels & Mousses: Gels are quickly absorbed into the skin and make for a great massage feel, while mousses penetrate the skin almost instantly, melting away as soon as they have been applied, giving a deeper colour.

Gels and Mousses are again ideal for Normal, Oily and combination skin, but not for dry skin as they often don't have enough moisture in them to hydrate the skin as they develop.

My Tip: Purchase a gel or mousse that is coloured, so that you can see where you have applied to avoid streaking. Apply with long even strokes to avoid streaking and blend carefully around the elbows, knees and ankles to avoid any lines or white patches.

If you find that you have patches, simply squeeze some lemon juice into a dish and soak a cotton swab and rub over the area, this will remove the fake tan and allow you to reapply where needed.

Creams & Milks: These mainly consist of tinted moisturizers, white and transparent creams, great for the face as well as body. Milks gradually build up colour and contain plenty of moisture, so make sure you use on your neck as well.

These are great for all skin types, in particular dry skin types because they contain plenty of moisture to rehydrate the skin every time you apply. They are great if you want to build your tan up gradually.

My Tip: Use a Milk self tanning product for your face, neck and shoulders and the cream for the rest of your body, then apply a spray over the rest of your body, excluding your face and neck, to give a nice, even tan.

Wipes: These are fantastic if you are traveling away for the weekend or need to do a quick touch up without having to go through the whole drama of getting completely undressed :

My Tip: These are fantastic for the face and neck and this is my preference for using in these places as you apply like you would a liquid foundation and there is no risk of streaking if you apply with a flat hand and they slip into your handbag or toiletry bag with no fuss!

Gloves: Perfect for all skin types, gloves are the newest self tanning product out this season - the aim, self tanning without getting orange palms!

The gloves are impregnated with the fake tan, so give you an instant tan that lasts a good week.

My Tip: Use the gloves as the first self tanning product you use, then follow up with a cream or milk to maintain, using the gloves once a month, this will give you a fantastic all over tan that looks natural and won't cost you the earth!

There you have it, some comprehensive information about tanning products. Want to know how to use them at home and get the most amazing sunless tan ever? Check out my website here for more details.


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