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When you look at the world with the help of your senses it gets formulated with our experience, values, beliefs and assumptions. And when we act it is dependent on our perception and not on the real world. What NLP does is that it helps you model your highly structured language and behaviors into a more reproducible form. So this modeling could be done to the more successful part of your behavior and apply it to the less successful parts. It can actually improve functioning.

So, if you find someone excelling in some particular field you can observe it to learn what actually makes them tick and that could be imbibed. NLP contains many techniques such as hypnosis which is considered as an effective way to change the thinking and learning communication skills of a person.

There is one very simple as well as very effective technique in NLP called anchoring. Suppose something made you very happy in the past. Now go back to the same image again and try to make it more vivid. Try to listen to its sounds and try to make the images brighter and larger. And it is certain to bring smile to your face.

This could well be used to bust bad habits like nail biting. If you need to stop nail biting you need to concentrate hard and use NLP techniques. It would allow you to change the way you perceive the world. That would change your behavior which would help you stop nail biting.

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