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An important thing to consider is what type of razor or shaver, you need to get. The simple answer is to try and get a razor especially made for women. Unlike a man’s razor, they are designed with women in mind. The angle, at which the razor head is set, is designed for under arm or leg shaving.

Before shaving, run warm water on the area that you intend to shave. This will soften the hair making it easier to shave, resulting in a much smoother result. Also try and shave at night. It’s a little known fact that bodily fluids are less packed around the hair follicles at night.

There are several different types of shaving gels, lotions and creams that you can use. Rather than buy the most expensive product you would be just as well going for a standard gel or cream. It’s how you apply the shaving lotion that counts!

Gently massage the gel or lotion into the area to be shaved for a while. This stimulating action will help raise the hairs so that the razor can more easily cut the hair nearer the skins surface giving a much smoother shave.

Always try and keep a sharp clean blade in your razor. It is easy to let your blade become blunt because it is such a slow process and it is hard to notice. It is recommended to change the blade in your razor at least once every two weeks if you are shaving every day. A blunt razor blade will leave you with a very painful shave and a useless result.

Be extra careful when shaving your bikini area. Your underwear or bikini can chaff if you have left a shaving rash from not shaving properly.

If you want to shave your top lip due to facial hair, do not worry about it growing back thicker. This is an old wives tale. Hair grows a fairly uniform thickness whether it has been shaved or not.

Shave your underarms about twice a week depending how fast your hair grows back. Depending on the woman, legs may need doing only once a week; twice a week if the hair grows quickly.

Shaving Tips For Men

Using a Razor

The biggest tip I can give to a man about shaving with a razor, is to shave in or immediately after a shower. The reason for this is that hair becomes softened after prolonged exposure to warm water. This means the razor will give you a much closer, smoother (pain free) shave.

Shaving Gels

With so many shaving gels and creams around, it is easy to lose sight of what theses shaving creams and gels are for! Rather than worry about which ones have vitamins or supposed protecting qualities, pay more attention to how you apply the shaving gel. Most men just slap it on but if you gently massage the gel into the face, the massaging action will cause the pilli muscles to lift the hairs making a cleaner cut much easier.

The Shaving Process

Try and start your shave in the direction of the hair on the face, paying attention to where the hair goes around the chin and neck. When you have covered these areas over one or two passes, gently shave against the hair for one last pass. If you develop a spotty rash or have redness, skip the reverse pass next time you shave. You will not achieve such a close shave but at least you will not be left with unsightly soreness.

More Tips

Although you may have seen the adverts for multi bladed razors, studies have shown that these do not significantly improve the shaving effectiveness. Single blades can give just as good a shave as long as it is done properly.

Most men will use a razor blade until it is totally blunt! There are two reasons for changing your blade more frequently. The obvious reason is that you will get a better shave. The less obvious reason is that as the blade gets more and more blunt, you will develop a much more heavy handed approach. The time finally comes for you to change the blade and Bingo! You are cutting yourself to ribbons. Keep your blades nice and sharp for a smoother shave and much less cuts and scrapes.

After a shave, always rinse your face with cold water. This facilitates the closing of your skin pores. Always pat your face down with a towel; do not rub as this may rub bacteria into the open skin pores leaving you with spots etc.

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