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Did You Know That Your Body Type May Influence Cellulite?


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Absolutely every woman has heard of cellulite at some time in their lives. They live in constant fear of developing it, even though it is not harmful to our bodies in any way. The main problem with it is that it looks horrible, and with a lot of negative media coverage, it has quickly become one of the most feared skin conditions with women all around the world.

However, not many people actually know that cellulite could be influenced by their body type. In fact, most women do not even know what their body type is. So just how can cellulite be affected by our body type, and who is most potentially at risk of developing it?

Cellulite and Our Body Type
When thinking of body types, most people think of pear shape, apple shape and hourglass shapes. However, when thinking of cellulite, our body types are described in four ways. These are:

Android Type

If you have an Android shaped body, you will have broad shoulders as well as muscular limbs. You will not have too much of a waist, and the hips generally do not flare. Most Android types tend to be body building types and they tend to gain weight on their upper body through muscle. This does make them look slightly apple shaped. More male hormones are produced than female ones, and they make quite good athletes usually.

Generally if you have an Android type body, you will often crave foods which are high in salt and cholesterol, and the body tends to turn the cholesterol into steroid hormones which is what causes the body building affect.

Android types tend to have cellulite on their upper buttocks, their abdominal area, and their trunk, but never on their lower body.

Gynaeoid Type

This body type is usually fairly curvy and if you do have this type of body, you will have small shoulders and a small waist, with quite curvaceous hips. When you gain weight, it only tends to go on the upper thighs or the buttocks and it generally tends to give a very feminine look. However, this is where the cellulite generally tends to appear the most and it can be hard getting rid of it if you simply stick to a low fat or low calorie diet, as most diets cause you to lose weight in areas you do not need to lose weight from!

Generally Gynaeoid types crave foods which are high in both fat and sugar, and if they do have a problem with weight gain, plant hormones are usually better for them as they have a balancing effect on the body which reduces the weight gain.

Thyroid Type

People, who have a Thyroid body type, generally have fairly long limbs such as long legs and long arms, and they often have a racehorse body appearance. Dancers and models tend to have this body type and they often crave caffeine and nicotine as well as artificial sweeteners.

It is not uncommon for Thyroid body types to miss meals, and they do not usually gain weight very easily either. Problems which they do experience however include an unstable blood sugar level which can often cause them to be constantly tired and that is why they crave sugar and stimulants.

If you are a Thyroid type you are least likely to develop cellulite, however if it does appear it will often be on either the buttocks or the back of the thighs.

Lymphatic Type

Lymphatic body types do not generally have a good time of it! They find it easy putting weight on all over the body, and they tend to have a cuddly appearance. A low metabolic rate is what causes easy weight gain and they also tend to have a dysfunctional Lymphatic system which causes fluid retention. This often makes them look bigger than what they actually are.

If you do have a Lymphatic body type, you will be prone to severe cellulite and it often makes it hard to see the bone structure in the body. Dairy products are your main cravings and you will avoid exercise as much as possible, both of which cause more weight gain. Cellulite can appear on all areas of the body with this body type.

So overall as you can see, your body type does play a big part in where you gain cellulite, if you do gain it at all. Each body type has different metabolic rates and cravings, and some are generally worse than others which can lead to severe cellulite.

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