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Due to my passion for styling hair, I have come across a common problem that seems to plague a lot my clients and apparently a lot of person in the world today. Despite the type of hair you have, one problem that affects us all at some point in our lives is dandruff.

Most people don’t have an accurate definition for it, how it is caused and how to get rid of it.

What is Dandruff?

Simply put dandruff is dead skin that is formed on your scalp. Our normal bodily function causes us to shed dead skin cells daily, and they are replaced once a month. However in the case of persons with dandruff it is replaced about every two weeks.

What Causes Dandruff?

There are internal and external causes of dandruff.


* Hormonal imbalance

* Poor health/ improper nutrition

* Excessive perspiration/ poor hygiene

* Lack of rest/ emotional stress

* Excessive consumption of sugar, fat, starch

* Heredity predisposition.

Our skin produces sebaceous oils, which is encourages micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi as it produces a feeding ground for them. The hair follicles on our scalp produce oils, which is fed on by a fungus called malassezia fungus. Malassezia fungus irritates our scalp, and causes the dead skin to shed in less than 2 weeks as oppose to a month. It is the combination of the oils produced by the hair follicles and the dead skin cells that cause the clumping build-up also know as dandruff.


* Excessive use of hairsprays and gels.

* Infrequent shampooing.

* Improper use of hair-coloring products

* Excessive use of electric hair curlers

* Tight fitting hats.

* Cold weather and dry indoor heating.

The above listings don’t cause dandruff but instead makes enhances the condition to an already dandruff plagued scalp.

Dandruff occurs as a result of a natural process that occurs within the body and hence cannot be avoided; however attempts can be made to control dandruff. As stated in some of the external causes, it can be managed by frequent shampooing, good personal hygiene, good diet, nutritional supplements. However we can also keep it quite simple and cost effective with a basic household product.



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