Elegant Hairstyles - 6 Tips for That "Red Carpet" Event


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Celebrities spend thousands of dollars to ensure their hair is perfect for each big night on the red carpet. Any woman can capture the magic of red carpet hair by following a few simple tips used by celebrity hairstylists to showcase Hollywood`s brightest star`s best features and natural star quality.

Any woman can capture the look of the celebrities as they stroll down the red carpet for that special night with their stylist styled, thousand dollar hair cut. Follow these simple tips hollywood hairstylists to get your own elegant hairstyles that will have people wondering what you spent on your latest elegant hairstyle.

Study the Trends on the Red Carpet

Look for the latest celebrity hairstyles in magazines or the internet to inspire your own red carpet look. You can also spend some time researching old fashioned Hollywood hair styles and that may help inspire new ways to revive some of the classic hairstyles that made the glamour of Hollywood what it is today. Keeping up on the current looks helps ensure a chosen style is cutting edge and trendy.

There are also websites and software programs that will allow you to see 100's of hair styles at the click of a mouse. Some will allow you to upload your own picture to get an idea of those elegant hairstyles on your own head - some even in 3D! Use technology to your advantage. It's exactly what they do in Hollywood.

Choose a Style that is Flattering to the Shape of the Face. Every hairstyle does not compliment everyone`s unique facial features and face shape. Accentuate the best facial features and make sure the hair compliments the face.

Match the Hairstyle to the Dress
If possible, try and match the texture and shape of the hairstyle to the dress being worn. The elegant hairstyle should flatter the elegant dress.

A chic French Braid can be worn to highlight a textured detail in the fabric of your dress. Or wear your long curls cascading down your back to showcase the plunging backline of that special dress. Match a short, sassy hairstyle with an appropriate dress. For that special night, it's all about how the look is from the tips of your toe to the top of your head. Total elegance, from all angles.

Make your Hairstyle Tie Your Overall Look Together
For that elegant evening out, the hairstyle should tie in with the total package - face, attitude, make-up, the style of dress, the current trend in hairstyles and the ‘flavor’ of the event and location of whatever you're attending. Again, use magazines and the internet to find that perfect style for he evening's outing.

Aim for a Stately Look
Leave the casual looks and funky Bob's for another time. Elegant affairs require a majestic look and grand entrance. Don't skimp on products or preparation costs. Better products will do a better job at keeping your hair in place and looking fantastic.

Use Extensions When Needed
It's no secret that many celebrities are using hair extensions these days to change their look are add a touch of elegance to their hairstyle. Extensions are very easy to use and simply clip into your hair and hidden. Make sure to use human hair extensions and match your hair color and texture. No one will be able to tell you are using them.

Keep it Dirty When Getting Styled
Forget the shampoo and condition before getting your hair styled. Dirty hair is much easier to work with for the stylist and is easier to hold.

Bre Rhodes is a beauty and health consultant in the U. S. for the largest beauty retailer in Europe, educating women on using breakthrough computer technology to virtually model their hair styles.

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