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Effective Reduction of Cellulite

Rudy Dhondt

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Cellulite is a nightmare for many women and even some of the men have to deal with it. The cosmetic industry is aware of the fact that 80% of the women suffer from cellulite and as a result they developed numerous solutions to help those women get rid of cellulite. But those solutions have a price tag that makes them not affordable for everyone.

High priced products are not always as effective as the price tag would make us think. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, we may consider those solutions as too easy too believe. One has to put some physical effort in the daily routine in order to achieve results.

Physical effort to reduce cellulite means massage and it can be done in an easy and much less expensive way. The only thing you need is a cheap body lotion. You have to keep in mind though that this massage will not melt the fat away, but it will assist in the reduction of cellulite effectively in combination with proper diet and a little exercise.

Follow the steps described below and you will see results:

  • The lotion will be needed to enable your hands to slide with ease over the cellulite areas.
  • The massage starts at the lowest point and goes up towards your heart.
  • Always apply moderate pressure, to high pressure might damage your skin.
  • There are 3 moves you have to alternate :
  • Long sweeping strokes using your knuckles, fingers or palm of your hand
  • And circular motion, again using your hand as described above.
  • Kneading motion by grasping your skin with your thumb and fingers and massage it in circular motion like it was a dough

    If you do this every day for at least 5 minutes you will see results. There are many alternative ways to take care of our body. So, before deciding to buy expensive, easy to do solutions we might be better of putting some effort in less expensive more effective solutions. A better way to start a better and healthier life is to consider our body as a whole and do proper research either in books or the internet looking for ways to eat healthier and do exercise within our possibilities, even if there are physical limitations.

    Rudy Dhondt is the webmaster of Infocellulite. For more information go to effective cellulite reduction

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